The following rules have been set for MVBC to ensure the best learning environment & effective running of our program.   They address attendance, effort and conduct detrimental to our teams. These rules will be enforced without exception. Players & Parents who do not abide by these rules will not be allowed to participate in club activities.


-Never criticize teammates to their faces or behind their backs, on or off the court. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for players who do not work in the context of the team.

-Display good sportsmanship at all times. Show respect for teammates, coaches, opponents and officials. Our goal as a club is to show our enthusiasm and love for the game at all times. We will compete hard and have fun as we improve as individuals.

-Only the team captain and coach can address Referees. DO NOT beg officials for "touches," line calls or any other infraction.

-Maintain proper sleep and nutrition habits.

-Drug, tobacco and alcohol use by athletes is prohibited.

-Be ready to begin practice at the scheduled time (shoes on, taped up, ready to warm-up).

-All players must attend all practices and tournaments or risk dismissal from the team. If a player will be missing a practice or tournament, that player must contact the head coach before the scheduled event by TEXT or EMAIL.

  • Academics are a priority, however, homework should not be an excuse for missing practice.

  • All homework should be completed BEFORE practice. Please manage your time so that you are able to attend all practices and games.

  • If you are having issues managing your time, please contact your coach and we will help you work out an academic plan. Do not let your grades slip during club season.


Parents will not interact with Tournament Officials for ANY REASON including Referees, Line Judges & Scorekeepers (Remember: Your daughters/coaches will also make mistakes when working matches. Be respectful and allow our coaches to address any problems).

Parents will not discuss playing time with the coaching staff at tournaments or practices. If you have concerns about playing time, please email the coach to discus and/or director to set up a meeting.

Parents will not attempt to "coach" their daughter from the sidelines. Any player receiving "coaching" from the sidelines will be removed for the remainder of the match or practice.

For the safety of our players &parent spectators, we request that you sit in the bleachers if you choose to watch practice.

BOTTOM LINE: Let’s not be "Those Parents." We are proud of the MVBC Family. You and your children represent our club. Please think about the following guidelines when you attend at tournament:

DO – Applaud good volleyball (for both teams). Appreciate the hard work that every player is putting into the match.

DON’T – Cheer the other team’s missed serves or cheer only for your own daughter.

DO – Sit next to parents from both your team and other teams. Introduce yourself.

DON’T – Scream "SCOREBOARD!" at the work team. Remember, your daughter is only a game away from being a bad scorekeeper.

DO – Show good sportsmanship and congratulate the other teams’ parents and players after a match.

DON’T – Pull your child away from her team huddle after a match.

DO – Congratulate the players on their improvement and effort.

DON’T – Re-hash their mistakes (we do that enough already as Coaches!)

DO – Tell your child how much you love watching them play!